Des nouvelles de l'AIT

Des nouvelles de l'AIT

Messagede acratack le Ven 27 Nov 2015 22:10

Ici je vais poster les différentes luttes menées pas les sections de l'Association Internationale des Travailleurs.
On commence avec un conflit porté par la section slovaque. Une campagne visant une ONG locale. Vous pouvez les aider en envoyant un mail. Pour les anglophones.

Dear Sections,

Priama akcia entered a conflict against a non-governmental organization OZ Dive maky demanding
remuneration which was not paid toone of their former workers.
We would like to ask your organization, as well as your members and supporters, to send
protest faxes and e-mails to OZ Dive maky. The more people send an e-mail, the better. The
fax/e-mail campaign starts on November 23rd and lasts until November 30th.
We have created a template of the protest fax/email:
Subject: In support of the former worker of OZ Dive maky
I am writing to protest against the actions ofthe administrator of OZ Dive maky Barbora
Kohutikova, who refused to pay the contractual remuneration inthe amount of 950 € to the
former worker Michal R. I think the administrator is directly responsible for the solution of
this situation. If the remuneration is not paid up, I will inform as many people as possible
about this case.
OZ Dive maky, is it worth to you to hazard with the reputation of your organization and the
fates of the children you support? Settle the dispute as soon as possible by paying up for the
work of your former worker, which contributed to the fulfilment of your aims. Doing charity
work does not give you a right todo whatever you want with your contractual obligations.
I express my support to Michal R. and the campaign aimed at getting his remuneration.
[Name, Organization, Country]
You can use this text in the following ways:
1. Fax: +421 2 5244 4074
Please inform us about the faxes you sent.
2. E-mail:
Please put our e-mail address in the BCC of your e-mail.
3. E-form: ... Mail_id=61
It already contains the template, just click on the English flag, fill in your details and captcha and
submit by clicking on Odoslať. It is possible to change the text in the e-form, if you like.

About the NGO: OZ Dive maky helps talented Roma children to work on their talent and
About the conflict: The worker worked for OZ Dive maky since early 2014 until July 2015. He
wanted to get a regular contract, but that was refused, because the NGO wanted to avoid having to
pay health and social security. (This is standard practice in many NGOs in Slovakia.) The worker
thus worked as a self-employed person under a „commercial agreement“.
In July 2015 he decided to leave. At first, everything seemed straightforward. The administrator
Barbora Kohutikova signed a document finalizing their contractual relationship, which stated that
both parties have no claims on each other, the exception being the last remuneration for work done
in July 2015, due in August 2015, in the amount of 950 €.
However, this remuneration was not paid, and whenthe former worker contacted the administrator
and asked about it, he was told that he hadn’t done his job properly. After several e-mails the former
worker contacted Priama akcia.
Together we prepared a demand letter and delivered it directly tothe administrator. However,
instead of paying up, the administrator’s lawyer started threatening us. Since the visit did not help to
achieve the demand, we have started an e-mail campaign, which we would like you and your
members to join.
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